Dungy: Browns have to accept “whole package” with Manziel

NBC  analyst Tony Dungy joined the show to talk about the big offseason stories around the NFL. Here are some of his takes:

— Dungy weighed in on Johnny Manziel in Cleveland. He said it’s sometimes OK for players to have social lifes. “I’ve coached some guys like that,” Dungy said.

Dungy said we don’t know how Manziel will turn out, but you have to be ready for the “whole package.”

— Dungy talked about the QB competition with the Jets. He said sometimes you have to name a starter.

Dan asked Dungy who will start first this season – Vick or Manizel. He went with Manziel.  “They’ll have a riot in Cleveland if Johnny Manziel isn’t starting Day 1,” Dungy said.

— Dan asked if he was surprised when he heard about what happened with his former owner, Jim Irsay, in Indianapolis.

“I was more hurt than surprised,” Dungy said. “I had kind of heard from people. …. He’s a good, good person. He has a great heart. He did a lot for my family. He did a lot for a lot of people behind the scenes.”

— Dan asked if Dungy would have wanted Hard Knocks in his camp. Dungy said that it’s not necessarily great for the team that does it. He didn’t want to create any bulletin board material.