Rob Gronkowski gets it started

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski joined the show to talk about his season and more.

Gronkowski said he feels great. “I’m a little sick of everyone asking me if I’m 100 percent,” Gronk said.

Gronkowski talked about that incredible one-handed catch last week against the Broncos: “It’s a natural reaction. When I saw the ball in the air, it’s a full-on natural reaction. I really didn’t even know how it happened until I saw the replay.”

Here’s Dan and Gronk talking fashion:

DP: Has Tom Brady ever worn the same outfit twice?
RG: I don’t think he has.

DP: Does Julian Edelman try to dress like Brady?
RG: Yeah, definitely. He looks up to Brady and whatever he wears, Julian tries to wear. Julian is definitely a Brady wannabe.

DP: Do you try to dress like that?
RG: No, I don’t. I just throw on a T-Shirt and shorts and roll. I get it started.




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