Chris Rock on sports, social issues, his kids not getting his humor

Actor and comedian Chris Rock joined the show to talk about a wide range of topics. Here some of his notable lines:

— On his kids: “My kids do not think I’m funny. My kids are like how are we going to have money for college because eventually America is going to find out you suck. My kid’s are like dad, Kevin Hart, now that’s comedy. What are you doing?”

On borrowing from other comedians: “You’re influenced by. I’m influenced by Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. Every now and then I actually see myself doing a little [Adam] Sandler.”

— On how long after a tragedy can you make jokes: “Make sure it’s funny. That’s the key. If it ain’t funny, it hasn’t been enough time. If it’s funny, somehow you find the time.”

— On his ManCave: “I got a little bit of one. A couple of TVs. Nothing crazy. Not like a sports bar. I got my NFL package. I got my NBA. How much of a ManCave can you have kids under 12. When your kids are teenagers, you can really get your ManCave – when they don’t want to be around.”

— On how his comedy has changed as he’s gotten older: “You have to acknowledge your age. I think it’s the same with athletes. You have to acknowledge that it’s going to take longer to get into shape. I know I’m older. It used to take me three months to get ready to go on tour. I better give myself six months. Maybe I have slowed down a little bit. I’m sure athletes are the same way. When you’re young in the offseason, you don’t work out at all. You just wait until spring training. When you’re older, you have to stay in shape all year.”

— On being with other comedians: “When we’re around other comedians it’s like man, I get to speak my own language. Ever see a Spanish ballplayer? When they get interviewed by an American journalist, they’re very slow and deliberate. But if you ever watch [a Latin player] on a Spanish station, he’s got all this personality. [Like Robinson Cano]. I’m like, wow, I want to meet that guy.”

— On his recent social stances: “At the end of the day, I’m a comedian, I’m not a big leader guy. It’s nice to have the platform.”

— On his criticism of Hollywood: “They asked me do you think Hollywood is too white. Ya, Hollywood is white. That’s like saying the job of quarterback is a black job. Have you noticed that? That’s not controversial. There’s not a lot of white quarterbacks.”