Rodney Harrison explains why Ravens could beat Pats

NBC NFL analyst Rodney Harrison joined the show to talk about the divisional round of the playoffs.

Harrison explained why the Ravens have a shot against the Patriots. He said Baltimore D-coordinator Dean Pees was in New England and knows that offense well.

Harrison said that the notion that Joe Flacco is the best QB in the NFL (which his coach said) is ludicrous. He likes Flacco and says he fits that system well, but he’s not elite.

Harrison talked about Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Harrison gives him a lot of credit and believes he can go in and beat Green Bay.

Harrison commented on Peyton Manning. “He’s old,” Harrison said. But he thinks that Manning probably got a lot of rest and treatment and be better against a Colts team they should beat.

Harrison said the key to picking off Manning … if he looks one way, go the other.

Harrison didn’t buy Ndamukong Suh’s claim he didn’t feel Aaron Rodgers. “That’s a bunch of crap,” Harrison said, noting he himself played on the edge and knows guys feel things like that.




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