Ray Rice on domestic violence incident, chances he’ll play again

NFL running back Ray Rice joined the show to talk about his domestic violence incident and his future. Here are some of Rice’s remarks and here is Part II of Dan’s extensive interview withe former Pro-Bowler.

— Rice said he wants to help other avoid his mistake. “It all came down to decision-making,” Rice said, noting what happened in Atlantic City was the worst decision he ever made.

— Rice talked about when he saw the video of what happened in the elevator. “The first time I watched it was the morning my agent called me and said it was released,” Rice said.

Dan asked Rice how he felt after he saw the video. “I went to a real dark place,” Rice said.

— Rice took us through the evening he hit his wife. He said it was a long night of drinking and can’t remember what was said. Rice said he didn’t know the magnitude of what happened the next morning.

— Rice said he had never put his hands on his wife before. “But just to be clear, one time is too many,” Rice said.

— Rice said he told the Ravens security afterward and followed protocol. “I don’t think you could hide it because of who I am,” Rice said.

— Rice said he’s very concerned about how he’s going to tell his young daughter about this. “I still have to craft responses to make her understand why I’m not playing,” Rice said.

— Rice said it’s something he’s going to have to face soon. “I would hate for her to type in my name,” Rice said, “and the first thing to come up is the video.”

— Dan asked if he hears from teams. Rice said that he doesn’t get into that and just waits to get the call from his agent. “I tell him to call me when it’s real,” Rice said. “I don’t need him to update me
every day.”

— Rice said he had hoped he would have gotten signed a while ago: “I thought [I would be signed] earlier in the year. I would have loved to go to training camp and learn and offense and do things like that.”

— Rice said he hopes the NFL will see him as an asset to talk to young players. “I feel like there’s a voice missing,” Rice said. “Why wouldn’t you want somebody who’s been through the fire?”

— Rice made it clear he wants another chance. “I do want to play football again, “Rice said. “I’m not ready to give up.”

Rice said he can still be productive. “I ain’t got tackled in two years,” Rice said. “I still can go.”