Jack Nicklaus says Tiger still has plenty left, weighs in on Spieth’s future

Jack Nicklaus joined the show to talk about the Masters and more. Here are some of his remarks …

— Dan asked Nicklaus if he thinks Tiger Woods can still win at a high level. “He’s still a young guy. I know he’s had some injuries. He seems in good spirits and good health. He’s not going to rush back. … He thinks he’ll play well [when he comes back]. I think he’ll play well too. Maybe 10 years from now he’ll need some lighting, but not now.”

— Nicklaus says that Jordan Spieth will win a lot moving forward.

— Nicklaus said one of his children lost the putter from his historic 1986 Masters victory.

— Nickluas has a problem with the ball: “The golf ball goes too far. As a result there’s only ong golf course on the United States that can keep up with it from a tech standpoint and that’s Augusta National.”

— Nicklaus talked about one of the major differences at Augusta — the trees are now over 100 feet tall: “I used to drive it over the trees. But they were just 20 feet tall [back then].”

— Nicklaus says that he’s still a four-handicap, and said he’s competitive in everything he does.

— Nicklaus says he gets his competitive juices going now in business – not because he has to but because he loves it.