Meet The Staff

Meet The Danettes

Executive Producer: Paul Pabst

College: Southern Illinois
Professional Experience: Pro Football Weekly, CBS Sports, ESPN
Odd Jobs: Paper boy, DJ at country/western bar
Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Liverpool FC, Yale football

Greatest Athletic Achievement: The first year of grade-school football, I was riding the pine. We were on defense and we had only 10 men on the field, some kid forgot to go out on D. I ran on the field right before the play started and made the tackle. The coach told me to stay in the game because he was mad at the kid who forgot to go in. I started from then on. I still stunk, but I was like Clint Longley when the Cowboys’ Roger Staubach went down … but I didn’t punch out Roger the Dodger to end my career.

Sports Heroes: Walter Payton (He didn’t showboat and played hard every week). Also Tony Hawk for making a street sport mainstream — he gets ripped by skateboarders but he revolutionized sports.

Favorite TV shows: The Shield, Deadliest Catch, Friday Night Lights

Executive Producer: Todd Fritz

College: New York University
Professional Experience: WFAN (New York), KMPC (Los Angeles), Los Angeles Rams broadcasts, ESPN
Odd Jobs: Camp counselor
Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos, Houston Astros

Greatest Athletic Achievement: Once struck out 18 batters in a six-inning little league game. My team still lost 3-1 due to errors and walks.

Sports Heroes: John Elway and Nolan Ryan

Favorite TV shows
: The Honeymooners, The Twilight Zone, All In The Family, Friday Night Lights, Saturday Night Live, Super Nanny

Dir. Of Operations: Patrick “Seton” O’Connor

College: West Virginia
Professional Experience: Hartford radio, ESPN
Odd Jobs: Security guard, flower delivery person, Postal worker
Favorite Teams: Notre Dame, Seton Hall, and the New York Yankees

Greatest Athletic Achievement: My first year of Little League, city championship, I played for underdog Sanitary Fuel, taking on the heavily favored Progressive Firehouse. Bottom of the seventh, which is the last inning in LL, one out, bases loaded, we were up by one. I was playing left field and caught a towering fly ball (it seemed to hang in the air for hours) hit by Kirk Asterita and threw it in to second to turn two. Game over. When seeing the ball hit in my direction, my father was quoted as saying “Oh Sh**.” The city newspaper recapped the game the next day, saying “O’Connor, who hadn’t caught a ball all season … ” My big defense over the years has been that I didn’t have any balls hit to me.

Sports Heroes: Muhammad Ali, Tony Hawk, Steve Balboni

Favorite TV shows: MSNBC, Cash Cab, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Law and Order

Blogger: Andrew “McLovin'” Perloff

College: Dartmouth College
Professional Experience: Fox Sports,, NFL,
Odd Jobs: Butcher’s assistant, flower delivery person, grocery clerk
Favorite Teams: Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia 76ers

Greatest Athletic Achievement: Named MVP of Southeastern Pa. JCC (Jewish Community Center) 1982 Little League season. To be fair, I was one of few players in league who didn’t have to worry about losing his yarmulke when running the bases.

Sports Heroes: Randall Cunningham, Julius Erving, Mike Schmidt

Favorite TV shows: Simpsons, Larry Sanders Show, Flight of Conchords