DP Dictionary

DP Dictionary

BCW — Bathroom can wait … as in you can’t leave the room when Albert Pujols is at the plate.

Big Shaq-tus — Dan’s nickname for Shaquille O’Neal that was used in an ESPN commercial.

Buy a dog — What to do if you’re scared. Don’t come on the Dan Patrick Show.

CIS — Chris in Syracuse, a regular caller and kiss-up to Dan.

Dan-nettes — Reggie Miller’s nickname for the Dan Patrick Show staff.

Dan’s mom — Raised four boys and often calls in to tell Dan to watch his language.

Dan’s movie rolesI Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Longest Yard, Benchwarmers , Waterboy , Baseketball, House Bunny.

Dan’s rides — Now it’s a Prius, used to be a Toyota Corolla. In high school it was a 1969 Ford LTD.

Disgraceland — Dan’s nickname for Michael Vick’s dogfighting house.

“En fuego” — Dan’s former catch phrase that started out as “el fuego.”

Follicles — Nickname for Dan Patrick Show fans that Dan Patrick Show fans didn’t really love.

“Golden Boy” — Dan’s nickname from his college basketball coach at Eastern Kentucky University.

Ham sandwich — Dan’s daughter’s 2004 Halloween costume.

Hang-ups — People who have hung up on Dan on the air: Whitey Herzog, Tonya Harding; People Dan accidentally hung up on: Junior Seau, President Bill Clinton.

Height and weight bell — When Dan’s former co-host Rod Dibble used to update his increasing weight daily, the show’s producers would ring the bell. Callers started getting involved and it has become a show a staple.

“Hello loser” — Bob Costas calling in the day after he beat Dan for the Sports Emmy … again.

“I love Duke” — Mike Krzyzewski on the Dan Patrick Show.

“I’m going to praise God all the way to the bank” — Boxer Tommy Morrison on the Dan Patrick show.

“I’m in your head Werder” — YouTube sensation Cowboy Chris coined this term, that can now be used for any obnoxious heckling that actually works.

Incense — Dan burns it in the studio. There are many theories as to why.

K.O. — Keith Olbermann

“Let me get boogey-loogey with you.” — Michael Irvin preparing to tear into Dan.

Locker Room — The Dan Patrick Show’s online community.

LR Mute — When the LR ignores you because you’re going on too long or generally being a jerk.

Man-crush — See Tom Brady.

Meaton — When Seton slips on his strict vegetarian diet.

McLovin’ — Popular Dan Patrick Show blogger.

Mound Ball — Betting on whether the ball will land on the mound at the end of the inning.

“Nice Shoes” — Ringo Starr after Dan appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman in golf shoes.

“Palaver” — What NBA Commissioner David Stern called Dan’s statements and the name of a blog dedicated to the show.

“Passion Bucket” — Term coined by Rick Neuheisel on the Dan Patrick that was subsequently used by Kobe Bryant, Bob Costas, Rich Eisen and several others.

Paulie Pabst — Paul Pabst, Dan Patrick show producer.

Paulie-esque question — What listeners call a thought-provoking question.

Paulie-ism — A somewhat obscure athlete reference, typically from the 1980s … like Natron Means, Sixto Lezcano or Mike Tomczak.

Prius — Dan’s environmentally friendly car.

Seton — Patrick O’Connor, Dan Patrick show producer.

Reggie Alouicious Miller — Reggie Miller’s show name.

Seven Seas — Un-official show pub.

Smedium — A very tailored shirt.

SPF Irish — Dan’s preferred strength of sunscreen.

Spraining News — Here at the Dan Patrick Show, we don’t like to break news. We’d prefer to sprain it.

Starbucks — Un-official fuel of the Dan Patrick Show.

Tackling Jerome Bettis — Something Dan unwisely boasted on air that he could do.

“The chiropractor” — Dan’s nickname for Jaguars running back Maurice Jones Drew after he “straightened out” Shawne Merriman.

“The Chosen One” — Tim Tebow.

“The Showkiller” — Former producer of the Dan Patrick Show.

UroClub — A club that allows one to relieve themselves on the course.

Vegan — Seton, though he’s really a vegetarian.

Yoko Romo — Dan’s nickname for Jessica Simpson.