Dykstra discusses ‘vitamin use’, Charlie Sheen

Former MLB star Lenny Dykstra joined guest host Howard Eskin to talk about what he’s doing now and the state of today’s game. Here are some of his takes:

— Dykstra talked about PEDs in today’s game and back when he played.

They’re not using the same stuff we used. We had pretty good vitamins back then,” Dykstra said.

Eskin asked if Dykstra used steroids. “I’m a nutrient guy,” Dykstra said. “I’m into nutrients.”

Dykstra explained why players would take something. “You have a chance to make millions of millions of dollars if you perform. … Whatever you have to do, you do,” Dykstra said.

Dykstra said that what he was taking worked. “I wasn’t hitting .400 in June because they didn’t not work,” Dykstra said.

— Dykstra said that he doesn’t watch baseball any more because they’re so far away from fundamentals. They strike out too often and don’t have the winning instinct.

I couldn’t strike out 185 times if I went out there without a bat,” Dykstra said.

— Dykstra said that he was at Charlie Sheen’s party last Friday. “I’m telling you right now this guy’s en fuego. It’s easy when you start seeding private jets around to pick people up,” Dykstra said.