Nuggets’ George Karl on plusses and minuses of Carmelo trade

George KarlDenver Nuggets coach George Karl joined the show to talk about the Carmelo Anthony trade and more.

“I’ve always felt that there was always a part of ‘Melo that wanted to stay in Denver,” Karl said. “The reason he wanted to go other places is he wanted the team to have more of a championship mentality.”

Karl said he thought the Nuggets were headed that way, but ran into some rough luck. Then things snowballed.

“As it wore on, it go too heavy,” Karl said.

Karl said that Anthony was incredibly talented, but he thinks he should be getting more triple-doubles. Karl said that Anthony’s rebounding switch went “on and off.”

Karl also talked about his new players after the trade. “I think we’re good,” Karl said.

He said he doesn’t believe you can only win with superstars. “Why can’t you build a team where you have a top-20 player at every position?” Karl asked.

“Call me in April,” Karl said. “I’m betting on Denver not downgrading.”

Karl said that the worst part of the trade is Denver losing Chauncey Billups, because he’s such a big part of the community.