John Smoltz officially retired, weighs in on Albert Pujols

MLB Network analyst John Smoltz joined the show to talk about the big Spring Training stories and more.

Smoltz said he’s officially retired. “I just decided not to show up to work,” Smoltz said.

Smoltz compared Albert Pujols in St. Louis to LeBron James in  Cleveland.

“I consider him the LeBron James of baseball,” Smoltz said of Pujols.

Smoltz thinks a deal will get worked out in St. Louis. He also said he can understand why Pujols didn’t want to deal with all that during the season.

Also, Smoltz weighed in on his favorite baseball movie. He went with Field of Dreams. His worst was The Fan with Robert DeNiro.

Smoltz said he has a cameo in an upcoming movie. He plays the Braves pitching coach in “The Change Up” with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.




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