Dwight Howard on crying, MVP race, his future

Dwight HowardOrlando Magic star Dwight Howard joined the show to talk about his season and more.

Dan asked Howard what he thought of the Heat reportedly crying after the loss to the Bulls on Sunday.

“I used to cry after all my basketball games. Then One of my teammates said you’re in the NBA now … just get it back the next game,” Howard said.

Howard stuck up for the Heat. “If they were crying, that means they really care about winning,” Howard said. “It’s kind of tough for those guys because coming into the season everyone had them winning 90 games,” Howard said.

Dan also asked Howard to weigh in on the MVP race. “I’ll just say I do a lot for my team,” Howard said.

Howard said if he didn’t vote for himself, it’d be Derrick Rose.

“I think I just have to try to control some of my issues on the court. I’m very emotional on the court,” Howard said. “When I’m playing, I want to win so bad, when the call doesn’t go my way I get upset sometimes.”

Howard said not only can he not play, he can’t go to the game tonight because he’s suspended for passing the technical limit for the season. He considered sneaking in though. “I thought about dressing up and putting on an Afro,” Howard said.

Dan asked Howard the favorite in the East. “I think Chicago’s playing the best basketball right now,” Howard said.

Howard said the Celtics and the “Old Big Three” are going to be tough to beat. And the Lakes will be tough to beat if they get hot at the right time.

Dan asked Howard if he’s learned anything about what to do in the future from what happened to LeBron James.

“Sometimes outside sources mess up the whole situation,” Howard said. “But in my situation, I love Orlando. I would love to finish my career here. … Right now my focus is on getting this team to a championship.”

Howard said he’s not going to ever talk about his talents going anywhere.