Christian Laettner comments on Michigan documentary

Former Duke star Christian Laettner joined the show to talk about his playing days at Duke and more.

Laettner commented on former Michigan players ripping him in their documentary. He said he didn’t like hearing those words, but it doesn’t bother him what an 18-year-old thinks of him. The fact that they’ve grown up and said that may be different.

“You’d be surprised how many times I ran into Jalen Rose and he was perfectly cool withe me,” Laettner said.

Laettner did talk about his image as an unlikable guy. He said he takes pride in being one of the toughest competitors in the sport.

Dan asked Laettner about Chris Webber making a recruiting visit to Duke. “What stood out was that Chris Webber was just a freak of a player at the age of 18,” Webber said. “Any time that kid got his hands on the ball he was just dunking it.”

Laettner also had a lot of praise for Kyrie Irving and Jimmer Fredette. Dan asked him his thoughts on Fredette. “He’s frickin unbelievable,” Laettner said. He loves that Irving can get wherever he wants with the ball and opens up the court for the big men.

Laettner also said there’s still some backlash against him out there, including many “I still hate Laettner” T-shirts.




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