Phil Simms weighs in on Locker, Newton, Falcons trade

CBS NFL analyst Phil Simms joined the show to talk about the NFL Draft and some of the moments that surprised him.

Simms said that the first pick that made him go wow was Jake Locker taking him at No. 8. But he thinks that Locker was going to go pretty high even if he fell past Tennessee.

Simms said that he thinks the media overdid the Cam Newton story. “I felt bad for him,” Simms said. “They analyzed it so much.”

Simms said that Ryan Mallett is a lock as an NFL quarterback and he would take him in a second.

Simms also talked about how teams don’t draft running backs. He thinks teams want to draft them and then not give them a second contract because they wear down.

Simms said he understands why the Saints will likely let Reggie Bush go. He said he’d love to have Bush because he’s so versatile.

Simms said it’s very hard for wide receivers to adjust to the NFL. He said they’re not used to press coverage and how good the defensive backs are. Simms said he thinks the Falcons gave up a lot to trade up to No. 6 for Julio Jones.

Simms said football people have told him “if you think you’re one player away, you’re in trouble.” Simms said it doesn’t usually work when you think you’re one guy away, and thinks Atlanta took a big risk.