Kenny Smith on Lakers’ mentality, pressure on Heat

TNT’s Kenny Smith joined the show to talk about each of the NBA Playoff series.

Smith doesn’t think the Lakers are out of it if they lose to the Mavericks in Game 2. “The Lakers are the type of team that they play better when their backs are against the wall,” Smith said.

Smith also had interesting comments on LeBron not being a big MVP candidate this year. LeBron thinks part of that is fallout from last summer.

Smith thinks the Miami Heat have a lot of pressure on them. They have to win the whole thing. Smith said they brought it on themselves.

Smith had strong comments on the surprising Memphis Grizzlies. “At some time, an eighth seed has to show why they’re an eighth seed,” Smith said.

Dan asked Smith three shooters he would teach kids to emulate. Here’s Smith’s choices:

Ray Allen
Kyle Korver
Peja Stojakovic




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