Lance Armstrong representative says accuser is trying to sell book

Mark Fabiani, a representative of Lance Armstrong, joined the show to talk about fellow cycler Tyler Hamilton telling 60 Minutes that he saw Armstrong take EPO.

Fabiani had some harsh comments about Hamilton. “He is a confessed liar,” Fabiani said. “For years and years and years, he maintained he was not a doper.”

Fabiani questioned Hamilton’s motives. “Why hasn’t he talked about this for 12 or 13 years?” Armstrong said, noting Hamilton’s accusations about Armstrong were back in 1999. “Is it because he’s trying to sell a book? Is it because he’s trying to keep his gold medal?”

Fabiani said it’s an open secret in the cycling world that  Tyler “Scamilton” is trying to make money off this. “This is trash for crash from a washed-up cyclist,” Fabiani said.

Fabiani also questioned why the government is looking back at European cycling tournaments and trying to nab Armstrong.

“Lance hasn’t missed a beat,” Fabiani said. “His foundation is stronger than ever.”

You can check out to find out more on Armstrong’s answers to various allegations.




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