Gammons said accusing Bautista of using PEDs is totally unfair

MLB Network analyst Peter Gammons joined the show to talk about the big stories in baseball.

Gammons weighed in on Jose Bautista’s power surge. Gammons said it’s unfair people link Bautista to PEDs for no reason other than all his home runs. “I think that’s really unfair,” Gammons said.

Gammons said that Bautista always had talent. He just couldn’t figure out the timing on his shift in weight balance.

Gammons said that the union used to claim that drug testing was a violation of civil rights. Gammons said that Bautista has had his civil rights violated because of all the doubt around the sport.

Dan asked Gammons what feel-good stories heading into June will be around by September. He said that the Arizona Diamondbacks are for real. And that the Cardinals are a feel-good story and are very solid. He’s not sure the Florida Marlins will keep it going.

Gammons also commented on Buster Posey’s injury. “There are going to be collisions at times,” Gammons said. “There’s nothing you can do about it.”

Gammons said MLB may not be able to legislate this problem with catchers. Gammons wished that catchers were better taggers and runners could slide. “I find the art of sliding a lost art,” Gammons said.




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