Le Batard: LeBron and Wade don’t fit well together

Miami Herald columnist Dan Le Batard joined the show to talk about his claim that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade aren’t complementing each other.

“This is Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant trying to play together,” Le Batard said.

Le Batard said it’s never both guys in the fourth quarter. It’s always one guy does everything in the fourth quarter and the other stands in the corner. He said they will likely win despite that, not because of that.

Le Batard says that people are being more emotional than analytical when it comes to LeBron. They conveniently forget LeBron carried the Heat past the Celtics or the Bulls.

Le Batard, however, said that Game 4 he played poorly on both sides of the ball. “That’s the worst game I ever saw him play,” Le Batard said.

Dan asked Le Batard what would happen if the Heat lose. Le Batard said this is the most hated team in American sports history and people would be elated.

Le Batard said this is the worst Heat team we’ll see. They’re going to get much better.




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