Kerr: LeBron needs to work on game; Heat weren’t really disappointment

TNT NBA analyst Steve Kerr joined the show to talk about the NBA Finals.

Kerr said the Heat had specific problems. “When they would get into the half court, they would get very stagnant,” Kerr said. “They would get isolation heavy.”

Kerr said they should have gone to LeBron James more in the post, but right now, he’s not comfortable down there.

“If I’m LeBron, I’m goiing home and working on righ thand jump hook and a turnaround jump shot,” Kerr said.

Kerr said that when you cut through all the public issues, this is about LeBron on the court. “He’s flawed as a basketball player and he’s got to address those issues,” Kerr said.

Kerr said that there’s a lot of extra stuff attached to the Heat. “A lot of that was self-inflicted … to lift the expectations to that level,” Kerr said. “They set themselves up for failure.”

But Kerr said he was actually impressed with their season. “If you cut through all that and look at it big picture,” Kerr said. “To do what they did in one year … get to the Finals. As long as they continue with their process, this is something they should be able to build on.”

Kerr said the Mavericks were likable because they had been down like the Heat are now. That’s why it was so rewarding to see Dirk Nowitzki come back several years after their Finals meltdown and win.