The Mannies: Chris Mannix’s 2010-11 NBA awards

Here are Chris Mannix‘s first annual alternative NBA awards …

MVP not named LeBron/Dirk/Howard/Durant/Rose: Zach Randolph

Rookie who will be an All Star not names Blake Griffin or John Wall: DeMarcus Cousins

Worst uniforms in the NBA: Warriors … they look like reject Dodgeball uniforms

Most unathletic player in the NBA: Jason Collins

Player least likely to run up a 20K tab at a strip club: Michael Redd

Best fake charge taker: Derek Fisher

Best paycheck collector: Eddie Curry

Best friend of the media: Kevin Durant (I honestly think if you asked Durant if he’d could come to your Thanksgiving dinner, he’d say yes)

Guy whose dunking skills are most out of proportion with the rest of his  game: Tyson Chandler (Great dunker. Maybe the best alley-oop guy in the NBA. But no moves and an awful free-throw shooter.)

Guy you thought retired five years ago: Grant Hill.

Best coach on the floor: Kevin Garnett (Chauncey Billups is a close second, but KG’s leadership is legendary)

Guy rooting hardest against a Lockout: Lebron James or Russell Westbrook. Both with something to prove.

Guy rooting for a Lockout: Danny Ainge. He’s got an old roster that he knows is going to stay in  shape during a work stoppage. A short season helps Boston more than any team in the league.

Player with the best Kardashian: Kris Humphries. They got 1.3 million for the rights to show their wedding? Can I get that?