Leyland on his latest blow-up, managers, Verlander

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland joined the show to talk about his season and much more.

— Leyland talked about his blow-up on Monday night. He said he’d never seen an umpire second-guess safe vs. out at first base. “I’d never seen that … that was my only argument,” Leyland said. He said it was a judgment call and something you don’t usually change. Leyland doesn’t think that he should be fined by MLB.

Leyland said his daughter made him watch his theatrics on SportsCenter later that night with her.

— Leyland said age shouldn’t be a factor for managers. If a guy has his health, that’s all that matters. He said 80-year-old Marlins manager Jack McKeon has always had a lot energy.

— Leyland said things have changed in regards to pitchers amassing a lot of innings. He said the way people treat pitchers always change. He said pitchers used to put their arms under hot water after they pitched. Now they put ice on their arm.

— Leyland talked about why Justin Verlander is doing so well this season. “He’s maturing day by day. And I think that’s the big difference this year,” Leyland said.

— Leyland said he didn’t understand why Jim Riggleman left the National. Leyland said that Riggleman is a good friend. “I haven’t talked to him, but it’s kind of a strange one,” Leyland said.




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