Torre says he didn’t quit Dodgers because of ownership

MLB Executive V.P. Joe Torre joined the show to talk about wearing the pin stripes at Yankees Old Timers Day and some of the big issues around baseball.

— Torre talked about what it was like to put on the Yankees uniform again. “It was like an out-of-body experience,” Torre said. “When I put on the uniform all the memories came back.”

Torre said he felt like a Yankee. In the past, he felt like an intruder on that day because he never played for the team.

— Torre said that the McCourts’ drama didn’t impact how long he stayed with the Dodgers. He said he’s used to chaos in the front office. Torre said his job doesn’t require him watching the Dodgers situation closely — that’s for the legal department. But he does keep in close touch with Los Angeles manager Don Mattingly.

Torre said that he just didn’t have the itch to manage any more when he left the Dodgers. He eventually decided someone younger should be doing the job.

— Torre said he was planning on being with Derek Jeter for his 3,000th hit and planned all these trips for it. He kiddingly said he was mad at Jeter for blowing his schedule up. But Torre did say he was very proud.

Torre discussed Jeter moving positions and how long he can play. Torre thinks that experience makes up for diminishing physical skills. And he thinks Jeter is still a threat at the plate.

— Torre said he now wears only one championship ring. “I wear ’96,” Torre said. “It was the first one. You can never have another first one.