Michael Wilbon says NBA in for a nasty fight

ESPN PTI host Michael Wilbon joined the show to talk about the NBA and much more.

Wilbon said he cooperated with authors of the recent ESPN book. Wilbon talked about how deep his friendship is with Tony Kornheiser.

Dan and Wilbon had a very interesting conversation about whether PTI could continue without him and Kornheiser. He said he doesn’t know if management would ever do that.

Wilbon talked about the NBA lockout. He thinks the player are going to need money at some point, and that the union isn’t as strong as baseball’s.

“I do think it’s going to be a long, nasty, contentious fight,” Wilbon said.

Wilbon said a big part of the problem is that the owners all have different agendas.

“I think this is bad for the business of basketball,” Wilbon said.

Wilbon also talked some golf. He doesn’t think Rory McIlroy is built to win a bunch of majors and all this hype is premature. “[He] doesn’t sound like a championship athlete to me,” Wilbon said.