Mike Vrabel explains why he left NFL to coach at Ohio State

Ohio State linebacker coach Mike Vrabel joined the show to talk about his decision to retire from the NFL and join his alma mater’s coaching staff.

“I think I could have probably gutted out another season,” Vrabel said. “What happens is you just lose the ability to prepare and train for a season.”

Vrabel said he was too sore after working out, and it was time. He doesn’t like guys who hang on and shouldn’t.

Vrabel said that he roomed with Luke Fickell in college and there was an opening on the staff.

Dan asked Vrabel his role in restoring Ohio State’s image. He said that his main job is to help his young group of linebackers improve.

Vrabel said that once things settle down, he’ll need to call on coaches he played under, and Tressel will be one of those guys. “There’s going to be a time in the season I need some direction, and I certainly won’t be afraid to call him,” Vrabel said.

Vrabel commented on Bill Belichick. He said for the group he played with, playing for Belichick wasn’t hard. Belichick was hard on rookies, because he demanded a lot. Vrabel told a story about Belichick commenting before a “life skills” presentation that the best way to be happy was to win.

Vrabel also explained that he’s still on the board that represents the players in the labor negotiations. Vrabel said he’s optimistic, but is concerned that players have enough time to get ready for the season and avoid injuries.