Petersen: Blue field isn’t going anywhere at Boise St.

Boise State head coach Chris Petersen joined the show to talk about the Broncos’ upcoming season.

Dan asked if opening against George in the Georgia Dome is really a neutral site. “We kind of know what what we’re walking into,” Petersen said. “You’re coming out of the gate and there’s no margin for error.”

Petersen talked about the Mountain West forbidding Boise State from wearing blue uniforms on their blue field.

Petersen joked he has a solution. “We’re changing our field to orange,” Petersen said. “We’ll go blue on orange. What do you think about that?” Petersen did say in seriousness, that Nike is helping the team mix up their uniforms.

“We don’t even think twice about it,” Petersen said. “It doesn’t even look kind of strange to us.”

Petersen told Dan that the field will always be blue. It’s not changing. Dan asked what the penalty is if they do wear blue and blue. “That is a great question,” Petersen said. He doesn’t know, so maybe he will try to go blue on blue.

Petersen said that some opposing coaches complained it was hard to watch tape of Boise State.




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