Jim Thome talks about hitting No. 600

Jim Thome hit No. 600 on Monday against the Tigers.

Minnesota Twins slugger Jim Thome joined the show to talk about hitting his 600th home run.

Dan asked Thome if he thinks he belongs in the Hall of Fame. “That’s not for me to decide,” Thome said. “I know it’s not a lot of home runs.”

Thome talked about how the pressure may have gotten to him. He wasn’t getting lift on the ball. Then the Delmon Young trade took all the pressure off yesterday, and that helped.

“People want to see the long home run,” Thome said. “It’s just not that easy. When you don’t try, you do it.”

Thome talked about playing in the Steroid Era: “A lot of guys pay the price. My thing was not every guy in that era has done it. There were guys in our time that did it the right way. That has been the effect on today’s game. People have a hard time. There’s always going to be that question mark.”

Thome said he recognizes he’s getting old in baseball terms, and referenced wanting to spend time with his kids.

Thome said that he got over 200 messages, including one from Brett Favre.