Ricky Williams said playing with Ravens is most fun he’s had since college

Baltimore Ravens running back Ricky Williams joined the show to talk about their big win over the Steelers.

“We know we’re good,” Williams said. “It was pleasent and enjoyable to see it first hand how good we are.”

Williams said there were no game balls given out because everyone played well. “I enjoy playing football,” Williams said. “But I haven’t had that much fun playing football since college.”

Williams said that a lot of his earlier problems were because of environment. “It has so much to do with the situation you’re put in,” Williams explained.

Williams said he feels better than he ever has during his career. “I’ve done so much work on myself, and I’m seeing it pay off,” Williams said.

Dan asked Williams who Ray Rice reminds him of. “Might Mouse,” said Williams, noting Rice’s positive attitude.

Williams talked about playing with Ray Lewis. Williams said he’s learning how to be a leader from Lewis.

Williams talked about his offseason and nerves he had that he wouldn’t get signed. “I knew at the very least a running back would get hurt I would get an opportunity,” Williams said.