Joe Gibbs: Offensive changes make backup QBs more important than ever

Former NFL coach and NASCAR owner¬†Joe Gibbs joined the show to talk about what’s going on in both sports.

Dan asked Gibbs if he’d rather have Michael Vick or Matt Ryan. Gibbs said “Rex Grossman,” because he’s a Redskins fan.

“I’m expecting good things this year from the Redskins,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs talked about QB controversies. “The fans are always going to want the backup,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs said that in Week 1 a lot of QBs got knocked around, and that’s why having a good backup is really important.

Gibbs said the spread offenses put a lot of pressure on the defense. But it also makes pass protection a lot harder. “If it doesn’t improve, you’re going to have some injuries at the quarterback position,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs talked about rivalries in the NFL and NASCAR. He loves it. He said he liked going against the Giants and Cowboys. He said he understands why drivers get so upset, because so much work goes into the car and everything else.

Dan asked Gibbs who are bigger divas — drivers or quarterbacks. “They’re exactly the same from what I’ve seen,” Gibbs said. Gibbs said that you need both to excel for a team to win it all.