Matt Barkley comments on USC fans, Luck and NFL draft, and plays guitar

USC quarterback Matt Barkley joined the show to talk about the upcoming game against Stanford and more. Here are some of Barkley’s takes:

— Barkley said that they don’t have the celebrity guests at practice now that they’re on probation. “But our fans have been pretty spectacular this year despite all the junk that’s been going around,” Barkley said. “Especially our student section. They’ve been pretty rockin’.”

— Barkley talked about the fans at Notre Dame giving him a hard time. “You get everything,” Barkley said. “Golden Boy. Cali boy. Pretty boy.”

— Dan asked Barkley to compare himself to Stanford QB Andrew Luck. “We’re similar in that we both play in pro-style offenses and the way we approach the game,” Barkley said. “I know we both want to be the best. I think it’s funny how people will compare us when in reality we’re not even playing against each other. I’m playing against Stanford’s defense.”

Barkley thinks that one reason he could possibly overtake Luck in the draft is his arm strength, which he said is underrated.

— Dan asked Barkley if he ever makes coach Lane Kiffin angry. “He always seems angry on the sideline,” Barkley said. “But for the most part I’ve been making him pretty happy this year. Against Cal he was a little made that receiver Robert Woods didn’t enough yards.

— Barkley commented on the possibility of leaving for the NFL early: “I still have a season to play. It’s a lot more than just football. It’s a family decision as much as a business decision.  We really have something special with our team. A lot of our guys on offense will be back. A lot of pros in both. It will be a tough decision.:

Dan asked if it depended on Luck. “I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s leaving,” Barkley said. “I don’t think I’ll wait on anyone to make that decision.

— Barkley wowed us with his guitar playing. Here’s his go-to routine: “You usually break out a little acoustic medley. I little John Mayer. There’s a nice little medley with Foo Fighters. Jason Mraz and Five for Fighting. A nice little acoustic set. That’s how I won over my girl.