Todd Fritz’ Game 6 World Series headlines

From the warped mind of the DP Show’s Todd Fritz:

FREESE Tell Me You Watched That Last Night

CRUZ Control…..Nelso Thought They Had It

Don’t JOSH ME…..The Cardinals Won That Game?

He’s The FREESE Knees

7th Heaven…..Series Goes The Distance

Cards Won, but Don’t NAPOLI on Rangers

WHY-DAY Night?…..Texas Can’t Believe There’s Another Game To Play

The RYAN Distress

A Pile Of PUJOLS….How Did Texas Dump Game 6

Chris On My List….Does Carpenter Have The Oates To Win Game 7?

Bad To The PHONE…..All Will Be Forgiven If Cards Take Game 7

It Places the LOHSE In The Basket Or It Gets The Hose Again

Next of KINSLER……Who Will Step Up For AL Champs?

FELIZ es Triste

Dizzying Comebacks Leave Rangers in a LANCE

David MURPHY’s Law….What Can Go Wrong, Did

Yada, Yada, YADIER…..Enough Already About Last Night, I t’s Time For Game 7!