Mike Mills talks about why REM decided to call it quits

REM bassist Mike Mills joined the show to talk about the band deciding to call it quits and more.

Mills explained how they decided to come to an end. “We’ve accomplished all we want to accomplish,” Mill said. “Let’s shake hands and walk away.”

Mills said that the reason they lasted so long is that they were all willing to put egos aside for the betterment of REM.

Mills talked about his first gig. He said it ended somehow with body painting. “Thank God most of my career was before YouTube,” Mills said.

Mills talked about the pros and con of music and the internet. Mills said that it costs bands a lot of money, but it gives smaller bands more exposure.

Dan asked the one song he didn’t like. Mills said he didn’t really care for the song “Lotus” and didn’t enjoy playing it.

Mills said they took turns making set lists, but each member of the band had veto power

Dan asked the oddest thing Michael Stipe did on stage. “Back in the ’80-s he decided mustard would make a good hair gel,” Mills said. It didn’t smell good.