Tony Dungy explains how Steelers’ D failed against Broncos

NBC’s Tony Dungy joined guest host Mike Florio to talk about wild-card weekend.

Dungy broke down how the Steelers gave up so many big plays to the Broncos.

“They didn’t do what they normally do,” Dungy said. “They tried to design a seperate deal [for Denver] and they weren’t ready.”

Dungy said that the Steelers left Ike Taylor on an island. He thinks they should have played like the Chiefs, who gave up the inside running.

Dungy has no issue with the overtime game ending on the first touchdown. But he doesn’t like that overtime rules are different in the postseason.

Dungy said that the Patriots might let up a little because they beat Denver so easily during the regular season. He said that’s human nature. But he thinks New England won’t let up the big “chunk” plays, and its offense is more effective than Pittsburgh’s. So he picks the Pats, but says it should be a very interesting game.

Dungy weighed in on the other games coming up next weekend. He said the Saints have the best chance of winning on the road at San Francisco. He also gives the Giants and Broncos a shot. He said the Texans have the toughest assignment at Baltimore.




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