Tony Dungy optimistic of Tebow’s future, weighs in on conference title game

NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy joined the show to talk about divisional playoff games and look ahead to the conference title games. Here are some of his takes:

— Dan asked Dungy what he thinks of Tim Tebow’s future in Denver and if the Broncos should be encouraged.

“They know what they have,” Dungy said. “They have to feel like Tebow will improve. They have a weapon that’s a little bit hard for people to deal with.”

Dan asked Dungy if they should be worried about some of Tebow’s late-season struggles.

“It’s not a complete team,” Dungy said. “But they did win a playoff game. There’s something to build on.”

— Dungy weighed in on the Ravens’ chances of winning in New England. Dungy said don’t count out Baltimore, but “I’m just not sure they can score enough points to beat New England up there.”

— Dungy thinks that the Giants-49ers game should be very close. “I don’t know who has the advantage,” Dungy said.

— Dungy said that the Packers’ failed on-side kicker early in the game may have given the Giants some confidence, because it said that Green Bay was nervous.

— Dan asked Tony if he gets recognized