NCAA president Mark Emmert discusses possibility of final four in football

NCAA president Mark Emmert joined the show to talk about the college football postseason and more.

Dan told Emmert he wants a final four. “I thought for a while a final four-like model would be perfectly sensible,” Emmert said.

But Emmert wants to be careful a playoff system doesn’t grow too large. “I’m deeply concerned about a 16-game tournament and stretching the season any longer,” Emmert said.

Emmert also pointed out that people want keep the bowl games important. Emmert said that he agrees, a final four would make some bowl games more exciting.

Emmert said that they put a moratorium on adding more bowls and they’re studying what it means to be bowl eligible.

Emmert weighed in on Penn State as well. They have an inquiry looking into the Penn State situation and he hopes to know soon if they’ll have a more formal investigation.

“What I want to do is in September is get to the point where you and I are talking about football,” Emmert said.




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