Peter Gammons on Jeremy Lin, Ryan Braun and Josh Hamilton

MLB Network Peter Gammons analyst joined the show to talk about Spring Training. Here are some of his takes:

— Dan asked Gammons if there was a baseball equivalent to the Jeremy Lin phenomenon. Gammons said that the closest thing was Fernando Valenzuela with the Dodgers.

— Gammons weighed in on Ryan Braun and whether he’ll still be last season’s NL MVP. “They’re trying to be absolutely certain,” Gammons said. He thinks MLB wants to be 100 percent sure they didn’t make a mistake.

— Gammons thinks they’ll get around to adding a wild card spot. “The more elimination games you have, the better,” Gammons said, citing the NCAA basketball tournament.

— Dan asked Gammons possible surprise teams to watch. He said the Cincinnati Reds and the Los Angeles Angels (who Peter admitted aren’t a true darkhorse).

— Gammons¬† thinks that Josh Hamilton should get rid of the people around him — like the accountability coach — and rely on himself.

— Gammons thinks that the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg will be one of the top five or six pitchers in the league.




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