Kevin Love comments on why his stats can’t be discounted

Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love joined the show to talk about his great season and more. Here are some of his takes:

— Dan asked Love what he thinks when people say he’s putting up good numbers on a bad team. “We’re winning this year,” Love said. “Last year you could have said that and have an argument that is warranted.”

Dan asked if he’s an MVP candidate. “If we make the playoffs,” Love said, “it’s a legitimate conversation to have.”

— Love said that his former UCLA teammate Russell Westbrook may be the most explosive guy in the NBA, because he’s not just fast, he’s big as well.

— Dan asked if the Kentucky Wildcats could beat the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats or Washington Wizards.

“They’d be blown out by both teams, Bobcats or Wizards. They’re a great team. But that’s just something that would never happen.”

— Love commented on Andrew Bynum wanting to take three-pointers. “I’d tell him to stay close to the basket,” Love said, “because that’s where he makes his money.”

— Love said Oklahoma City is the best team in the West.