Patrick Ewing says he wants to interview for head coaching jobs

Orlando Magic assistant coach Patrick Ewing joined the show to talk about

Ewing talked about his chances of getting the Charlotte Bobcats head-coaching job. “I would love to interview for that job,” Ewing said. “I would love to be offered any job. I know it’s a difficult job. But I think I’m up to the challenge.”

Dan asked if he’s talked to the Bobcats yet. “Not yet, but I think they will be calling. My agent said they will be calling either this week or next week.”

Dan asked why he hasn’t gotten a job yet. “Various reasons,” Ewing said. “People pigeonholed me and said I was just a big-man’s coach.” But Ewing said he’s learned from some great coaches and he’s ready to take the next step.

Ewing said that he would interview for one of the other openings as well.

Ewing said he doesn’t know if Dwight Howard will stay in Orlando. He said ownership wants him back, but who knows what the future will hold. Ewing said that he doesn’t know about his head coach Stan Van Gundy either.

Dan asked Ewing if he would be a one-and-done in this day and age. Ewing said that’s the trend and he may have: “Would I have left? it’s hard to say. Maybe.”

Ewing, however, said his college experience was great and he grew a ton at Georgetown.