David Robinson weighs in on disappearance of big men, Tim Duncan’s place in history

Hall of Famer David Robinson joined the show to talk about basketball and more.

Robinson commented on the lack of true big men in today’s game. Robinson said even if he came out now, he’d still play the same way even though everyone wants to play differently now.

“I loved being a big guy,” Robinson said. “I loved anchoring the team. There’s a lot of little guys around. There’s not that many big guys.”

Robinson weighed in on former teammate Tim Duncan’s place hin history. He thinks he’s the greatest power forward of all time.

“His statisitcs will hold up against everyone,” Robinson said. He also pointed to his leadership and attitude. He said two things work against him when it comes to legacy: 1) playing in a small market, 2) not drawing attention to himself.”

Dan asked Robinson the one one big guy he had the most trouble with. He said it was Hakeem Olajuwon because he was so sound.

Robinson talked about his son playing football at Notre Dame. He said that was out of his control. He thinks football is a bit nuts and admitted he is worried about all the news on concussions.

Dan asked if he tried to talk him out of it. “Absolutely not,” Robinson said. “He’s his own man. There’s a few things I’ve tried to talk my son out of. Football is not one of them.”

Robinson talked about Brian Kelly recruiting his son and the kind of pressure goes along with that program.