Steve Kerr says Lakers don’t match up well with Thunder, Clippers have little chance

TNT NBA analyst Steve Kerr joined the show to talk about the playoffs and his future. Here are some of his takes:

— Kerr weighed in on the Lakers’ chances against the Thunder after getting blown out in Game 1.

“It’s just a bad matchup,” Kerr said. “I don’t see the Lakers beating them four times. Any more than once would surprise me.”

— Kerr said the Miami Heat will be able to cover for the loss of Chris Bosh easier at home because the role guys are more comfortable there. He thinks they’ll really miss Bosh on the road.

— Kerr thinks there’s something “magical” about the Spurs — the way they move the ball and play together.

Kerr acknowledged that people don’t get excited about the Spurs, but he thinks they should.

“To me they’re maybe the most fun team to watch in the entire league,” Kerr said.

— Dan and Kerr talked about Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant’s place in history. He said they both belong in the top 10 of all time. Kerr said that Kobe is probably the second-best shooting guard behind Michael Jordan. He said Duncan is probably the best power forward ever.

— Kerr commented on Steve Nash’s future. “It probably makes the most sense for both parties to move on,” Kerr said, “but politically it’s tough for the Suns.”

Kerr also said Nash likes a lot of things about Phoenix. “It’s almost like they’re just stuck until one of them says it’s time to move on,” Kerr said.

— Kerr talked about flopping and said when a big man picks a guard, the guard has to run into him hard and go down. “Sometimes you have to make the official aware,” Kerr said.

Dan asked Kerr if he thinks flopping is a problem.”Not really,” Kerr said. “I always thought it was part of the game. It makes it hard on the game. But it’s gamesmanship.”