Bob Costas weighs in on MLB storylines and Jerry Sandusky trial

NBC and MLB Network broadcaster Bob Costas joined the show to talk about the big stories in baseball and more. Here are some of his takes.

— Costas weighed in on the possibility that the Nationals could pull Stephen Strasburg if he surpasses a certain pitch count for the season.

“You could stretch him out and used him more judiciously and still have him available for October,” Costas said, noting how many guys have bounced back from Tommy John surgery and been successful.

— Costas weighed in on Dan’s idea to put Tommy John in the Hall of Fame because of his medical contribution. Costas said that was a good idea and noted he could get the Buck O’Neal award as a citizen of the game.

— Costas commented on Jerry Sandusky. He said jurors have to weigh the idea it’s a widespread conspiracy rather than take the accusations at face value.

— Costas commented on the controversial part of the Sandusky interview that was left out of the original aired version. He said he was gently lobbying for more air time, and if they had another minute or two, they would have aired the line in question.

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