Roy Williams says one-and-done has to be judged on case-by-case basis

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams joined the show to talk about the NBA Draft and more.

Williams had a more balanced perspective on the one-and-done rule.¬†“There’s not one rule that fits everyone,” Williams said. “I don’t think going to college for one year is bad.”

Williams said that he never recruited LeBron James because he thought that he was going pro. He said he called Kobe Bryant a couple of times but never got serious for the same reasons. He said obviously LeBron and Kobe did the right thing, but there are many others who made a mistake.

Besides, Williams says there’s only so much college basketball can do. “It’s an NBA rule,” Williams said. He thinks it helps the pros avoid mistakes on players.

Williams said that he’s had guys that stayed one year that he wish had stayed four years, and guys who had stayed four years he wished had stayed one year.

Dan told Williams to finish the sentence, if Kendall Marshall was healthy … “I think we had a chance to play on the last Monday night,” Williams said. He said he thinks they might have had a chance against Kentucky. Williams said they lost to the Wildcats during the season but his team was better by the end of the season.

Williams said Marshall is the “best passer he’s ever had.”¬†Williams also commented on Harrison Barnes. He said you can’t say that he doesn’t have a killer instinct because he hit so many game-winners.




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