Charles Barkley on Knicks’ issues, Dwight Howard, comparing dream teams

TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley joined the show to break down all the offseason news and more. Here are some of his takes:

— Barkley says the Knicks rarely make good basketball decisions. He admitted Tyson Chandler was a great move, but even that doesn’t work. “He’s got to cover up so many flaws,” Barkley said, “he can’t help that team.”

— Barkley is fed up with talking about Dwight Howard.

“This is actually worse than the LeBron stuff,” Barkley said.

Barkley said that he can’t understand why Howard doesn’t want to sign with the Lakers.

— Barkley weighed in on the Olympic team and the debate about his Dream Team vs. this U.S. team.

“I laughed,” Barkley said. “Kobe is 33. The first thing he said [was] we have a bunch of old guys. … I was 29.”

Barkley talked about LeBron James’ unique qualities and some of the matchup problems he would create. He said a guy like Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman would have to check him.

“What our huge advantage was, when we went to our bench, we went to what turns out to be five Hall of Famers,” Barkley said.

— Dan asked Barkley who he is looking forward to playing. He said Jimmer Fredette makes him look like Tiger Woods

He makes me look like