Tony Dungy says Luck is special, Jets will use a lot of Wildcat

NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy joined the show to talk about some of the preseason storylines.

Dungy said that he was wowed from the first second he arrived at Colts practice this offseason.

“I was there 10 minutes and said this is the best player on the field,” Dungy said. “The Colts have hit on a big one in a big way.”

Dungy said the difference between Peyton Manning and Luck, is that Luck was running the plays and not yelling audibles all over.

Dungy said that Peyton physically is there. He just isn’t sure if there’s chemistry with the receivers and when that will come.

Dungy commented on Tim Tebow. He said there’s no question the Jets will use the Wildcat. He expects 10 to 15 plays a game of Wildcat. Dungy said the issue with the Wildcat is it can affect the mentality of the starter.

Dungy weighed in Usain Bolt. He is amazed by his speed, and said a football coach may be able to do something interesting.

Dan asked Dungy if he had any job offers this offseason. Dungy said he didn’t get any calls this summer. He’s happy about it, because he got to go to the Olympics and he can see his son at Oregon.