Eddie George talks about chances of RB winning Heisman, USC’s title aspirations, ND controversy

FOX  college football analyst Eddie George joined the show to talk about the upcoming season.

George talked about the odds of Wisconsin running back Montee Ball winning the Heisman. “If he can come close to what he did last year in terms of touchdowns and numbers, he’ll definitely make the trip,” George said. But he thinks the key is, the Badgers would have to be in the title hunt.

George did acknowledge that the Heisman is a quarterback award now, because the game is more about passing right now.

George also broke down USC’s championship chances. George said that they look great at skill positions, but they’re thin on the defensive line.

George said he talked to new USC running back Silas Redd. He said right now he’s running more simple plays, but George thinks Redd will have a big impact later in the season. George thinks he could wear teams down and take pressure off the defense.

George said he expects USC and Oregon to come out of the Pac-12 and said they may have to play twice, and could cancel each other out.

George said he visited Penn State and expects them to have a lot of emotion. But that will only go so far. “Reality will begin to set in that they don’t have enough players, talent to win week-to-week,” George said.

George commented on his alma mater, Ohio State, and new coach Urban Meyer. “It’s not all hype,” George said. “He is intense, methodical. He will measure twice and cut once.”

George also weighed in on Notre Dame analyst Allen Pinkett saying the Irish needed different type of players. “I understand what he was trying to say,” George said. “In terms of having guys with an edge. … I haven’t played with criminals. I know I’m not a criminal. We had guys that were edge guys. In terms of, I would go to war with these guys.”