Ray Allen explains why he left Boston for Miami

Miami Heat guard Ray Allen joined the show to talk about joining LeBron and Co. and more.

“Jumpers feeling pretty good,” Allen said. He said he’s been recovering from ankle surgery, but he spent the last week in the gym. He said he didn’t even play golf this summer.

Dan asked Ray how tough it was to tell people he was leaving Boston. Allen said it was very hard. “It’s still even tough thinking about it,” Allen said. “You’re starting a whole new life. … It was tough all the way around the board.”

Dan asked if the Celtics didn’t bring in Jason Terry, would he still be in Boston. Allen said it made it tougher to go back to Boston. Allen said he wanted to go somewhere where he would be a priority.

Dan asked who recruited him harder, LeBron or Dwyane. Allen said that his friends thought it was cool because they’re such big stars.

Allen said he was up at UConn over the last week and spent time with Jim Calhoun. “It’s the end of an era,” Allen said. “He built such a huge program.”

Allen said the key to playing for Calhoun was do your job, so the coach would yell at someone else.




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