Charles Barkley tells Tiger Woods to ‘take the low road’

TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley joined the show to talk about a wide variety of topics.

Dan asked about Barkley about his comments that he’d like to put some of his “blackness” into Tiger Woods.

Barkley wants Tiger to fire back at people like Greg Norman who criticize him. “These people aren’t your friends,” Barkley said.

Barkley said he would have been really fired up. “He’s been trying to take the high road,” Barkley said. “Dude, take the low road.”

Barkley weighed in on the upcoming NBA season. He thinks if Steve Nash and Dwight Howard are healthy, the Lakers are favorites.

Barkley shared his NFL opinions as well. He said that the Arizona Cardinals have really impressed him. And he thinks Michael Vick has to start getting rid of the ball quicker.

Dan asked Barkley how he would have approached a replacement official. “As a star NBA player, you get away with a little bit more,” Barkley said. “I’d probably push the envelope a little bit more.”

Dan asked Barkley who he would have rather played for — Phil Jackson or Pat Riley? “As far as hanging out,” Barkley said, “drinking some beer and smoking some doobies, I’d probably rather hang with Phil.”