Joe Torre drops by ManCave to talk Melky, Strasburgh, instant replay, managing future

MLB executive Joe Torre dropped by the NYC ManCave to talk about the race for the playoffs and more.

Torre weighed in on Melky Cabrera stepping out of contention for the NL batting title. He said how disappointed he was when Melky tested positive and was suspended because he had him in New York.

Torre also commented on Stephen Strasburg. He said it was similar to Joba Chamberlain, but Strasburg is getting more attention. Torre understands why the Nationals are sitting him. “I’ve always felt a player’s health is the most important thing,” Torre said.

Dan asked Joe the last time he was asked about managing. “It’s still going on,” Torre said. “This past summer, I’ve had people [tell me] that such and such team is curious if you want to do this.”

Torre said there’s no scenario where he would come back to managing now. He said he’s managing the team in the WBC and that’s enough.

Torre had interesting comments on replacement officials in the NFL. He said they had replacement umps in MLB once, and it renewed the respect for the regular guys.

Dan asked Torre if there would be more replay. Torre said they’re investigating technology that’s similar to golf and tennis, but they’re not there yet. “Everything we’ve gotten so far, we don’t feel good about it,” Torre said. “Unless we can do it the right way, we just have to bite the bullet.”

Dan asked Joe if he would root for the Dodgers or the Yankees in the postseason if they faced each other. “I root for people,” Torre said, noting his relationship with Dodgers manager Don Mattingly and Yankees manager Joe Girardi.