Tony La Russa on Mark McGwire, Albert Pujols, Dusty Baker

Former MLB manager Tony La Russa came to the Man Cave to talk baseball. Here are some of his takes on a wide range of topics:

—  La Russa looked back at his conflict with Reds manager Dusty Baker over All-Star snubs. “You can disagree all you want to,” La Russa said. “To make it personal, that’s not acceptable.”

— La Russa said if he stayed he may have been able to figure out a way to get Albert Pujols and management on the same page and figure out a way to reach an accommodation so he could stay.

— La Russa what he thought of the label “genius.” La Russa said “genius.” La Russa said he didn’t like it at all. “It’s a players game,” La Russa said. “There’e not a lot of difference between managers.”

— La Russa explained why he brought in Mark McGwire. He said that he doesn’t like when people say he brought him in as a favor to a friend. La Russa said that’s not the case at all. He said that McGwire started out not having a clue as a hitter. But he developed into a very cerebral player. “As he got deeper into his  career, he really was smart,” La Russa said.

Dan asked if he thinks McGwire and other players associated with the steroid era should be in the Hall of Fame. “I would probably make some kind of reference to the era … but I would,” La Russa said.

— La Russa had some interesting comments on PEDs. They thought the nutritional supplement Creatine was helping guys get bigger. But they found out Creatine was dehydrating guys and causing them to pull muscles. Men can also get medical supplements to perform better on

— Dan asked La Russa why baseball managers wear uniforms. La Russa said the best explanation he’s heard is: “it’s the only sport where the coach goes on the field.”