Tony Dungy says Jets shouldn’t pull for Sanchez for Tebow

Tony Dungy stopped by the New York ManCave in his Oregon jersey.

NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy came by the NYC Mancave to talk about the big stories around the NFL.

Dungy believes the Jets shouldn’t make a quarterback change and put Tim Tebow in the lineup.

“Quarterback is not like another position,” Dungy said. “Mark Sanchez took the Jets to two championship games. … As soon as you take him out, he cannot be the startinq quarterback of the Jets again. … If you put Tim Tebow in, it is over for Mark Sanchez in New York.”

Dungy said the Jets are at fault for this situation because when they brought in Tebow, they no longer had a normal backup quarterback.

Dungy weighed in on Colts coach Chuck Pagano leaving the team with a serious illness. He spent time with him before the season and said the Colts were very happy with the way the season started. Dan asked the impact of not having your head coach in Indy and New Orleans. “If you don’t have your rudder for a whole year, it’s really difficult,” Dungy said.

Dungy said the Saints don’t look sharp. He said it’s not the interim coach’s fault, because he also has to coach his position.

Dungy also gave away his strategy for talking to offiiclals. He spoke evenly and quietly and always pushed for makeup calls. Dungy actually once got a $10,000 fine for yelling at Ed Hochuli in the postgame press conference after they blew a replay.