Jamal Crawford says Doc better than advertised

Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford joined the show to talk about some of the big stories in the NBA.

— Crawford said there’s no way he’s losing a shooting contest to his coach Doc Rivers, like Steph Curry did to Mark Jackson.

— Mannix asked if he won the Billion Dollar Bracket and could buy a team, which would it be. He said he’d bring a basketball team to Seattle, his hometown.

— Mannix said he didn’t bother filling out a bracket, but is optimistic about his Wolverines.

— Crawford doesn’t have a problem with one-and-done. He says it all depends on how mature a person is. “Everybody is a little different,” Crawford said.

— Crawford said that Doc came in as “America’s Coach” and they were eager to play with him. “He’s been even better than advertised,” Crawford said.

— Crawford said the Chris Paul-Blake Griffin relationship has improved with more time together. Crawford pointed out that most teams don’t have two MVP-type players.





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